Double screen looped video installation, no sound.

In “Le merveilleux et le théâtre du silence” (1965), Marie-Françoise Christout states that “the ideal mime recreates the world through the incantatory magic of the symbolic gesture”. This work depicts a direct interpretation of the concept of imprisonment, in response to the current pandemic situation, through a mime performing in a never ending tunnel. Questioning claustrophobia in a broader spectrum (from our over-use of technology, to the typical image of the mime stuck inside the box), repetition and sound distortion enhance feelings of oppression and uncanniness. The mime is like a child, communicating exaggeratedly without language, trying to express deeper emotions and to stimulate the unseen.




Winner of the price selection LABO at the Palmares 2020 of Festival International du Film de Nancy.

Escondida follows three children playing hide and seek in UNESCO’s world heritage site of Ilha de Moçambique. Wandering through the vast, beautiful and often surreal landscapes, discovering the many abandoned buildings and ruins forgotten by the colonial Portuguese, Escondida questions notions of past, absence, memory and identity.



Screened at Marienbad Film Festival 2019.

La Promenade is a short film recounting different chapters of a woman's life. The video questions notions of femininity, beauty, identity and the relations between bodies and their surroundings. Schemes of colours, movements and symbols evoke the possible emotional conflicts and confusions experienced by women through social pressure such as gender stereotypes or ideals of beauty.


© by Carla Geronimi.