Performed at the BA Sound Arts & Design Graduate Show, University of the Arts London.
In collaboration with Chiara Meadows.

Synchronizität consists in a conversation between two characters, one incarnating sound and the other movement. During the act, the sound character records, loops and deforms the sound of various objects through a microphone. The movement character, reacts, moves and interprets the sonic environment.
This performance wants to question the relation between sound and movement, which one dominates the other, the rhythm created, etc.



Performed during 'Mirror Facing South: An Evening of Performance and Music' at Iklectick Arts Lab, London.

Marnie Dualité is a performance in which I interact with a very special porcelain doll named Marnie Dualité, by interviewing her. Marnie answers some questions about her family, her country of origin which is France and about her strange spoon collection. However, the interview does not go exactly as planned when Marnie and I start to get intimate. This piece deals with themes such as the impact of family histories, human's relation to animals, desire and violence.



Performed during the Interim Show at London College of Communication. 
In collaboration with Chiara Meadows.

The performance incorporates a mixture of pre-recorded sounds such as feedback and field recordings, live voice, acoustic guitar, as well as experimental improvised contemporary dance. The songs portray melancholic recollection of memories.


© by Carla Geronimi.